Fegans is a founding member of the Stonehouse Marketing Group. This enabled Fegans to keep the quality of the products high while keeping the cost to their customer down.


Our ranges of great value catering products include White Hat and the classic Homestead range.


Our current customer base includes theatres, crèches, coffee shops, sandwich bars, pubs, restaurants, takeaways but not forgetting the cornerstone of the company and where it all started the local corner shop.


Founded in 1926, Fegans Foodservice is one of the oldest family owed Wholesale Cash and Carrys in Dublin.  James Fegan Snr started the business as a small shop serving the local community all types of catering goods.


James Snr passed onto his son Liam all the values of business that was important to him, excellent service, value for money products and offering high value products to customers. When Liam took over the business in 1958 (Not sure) it was his goal to expand the business to the outer suburbs to Dublin and surrounding counties.


Liam set up the National Wholesaler Grocers Association with the few independent Wholesalers in 1961, realising then acting with peers in the industry would allow buying power to assure value for its customers. Under Liam’s leadership and vision, Fegans developed their business into one of the leading intedependent Wholesalers in the Dublin area.


In 1999, James Jnr joined the company, his vision is to offer a comprehensive range of food service products and services to cater as a one stop shop for all customers.


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